Noise Monitoring Data
ID for Monitoring Stations:
  • CP-KTN-NMS1 (Existing)
    Residential Buildings at Ma Tso Lung
  • CP-KTN-NMS2 (Existing)
    Residential Buildings at Ma Tso Lung
  • CP-KTN-NMS3 (Existing)
    Fung Kong Garden
  • CP-KTN-NMS4 (Planned)
    Primary School
  • CP-KTN-NMS5 (Existing)
  • CP-KTN-NMS6 (Existing)
    Ho Sheung Heung, Hau Ku Shek Ancestral Hall, Hung Shing Temple & Pai Fung Temple and Sin Wai Nunnery
  • CP-FLN-NMS1 (Existing)
    Belair Monte
  • CP-FLN-NMS2 (Existing)
    Scattered Village Houses in Tong Hang
  • CP-FLN-NMS3 (Planned)
    Secondary School

  • Monitoring Layout Plans:

For time period 0700 - 1900 hours on normal weekdays,

  • Action level: When one documented compliant is received.
  • Limit level: 75 dB(A). Reduce to 70 dB(A) for schools and 65 dB(A) during school examination periods.