12.1       This Monthly EM&A Report presents the EM&A work undertaken in September 2020 in accordance with Updated EM&A Manual.


12.2       No Action/Limit Level exceedance were recorded for air quality, construction noise, ambient arsenic, and landfill gas monitoring.


Contract No. ND/2019/01

12.3       Environmental site inspection were conducted on 1st,8th,14th,22nd,29th September 2020 by ET in the reporting month.


Contract No. ND/2019/03

12.4       Environmental site inspection were conducted on 4th,11th,17th,25th,29th September 2020 by ET in the reporting month.


Contract No. ND/2019/05

12.5       Environmental site inspections were conducted on 9th,14th,21st,28th September 2020 by ET in the reporting month.


Contract No. ND/2019/06

12.6       Environmental site inspections were conducted on 3rd,11th,17th,23rd,29th September 2020 by ET in the reporting month.


12.7       There were no environmental complaints, no notification of summons or successful prosecutions received in the reporting month.


12.8       The ET would keep track on the EM&A programme to ensure compliance of environmental requirements and the proper implementation of all necessary mitigation measures.




12.9       According to the environmental audits performed in the reporting month, the following recommendations were made:


Air Quality Impact


·  To enhance the dust suppression measures such as water spraying on all haul roads and expose work site area; and

·  To maintain the impervious material to cover the stockpile of dusty materials; and

·  To ensure all regulated machines with valid Non-road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) labels.


Water Impact


·  To prevent any surface runoff discharge into nearby drainage or stream;

·  To divert all the water generated from construction site to de-silting facilities with enough handling capacity before discharge; and

·  To ensure the drainage facilities would not be clogged with waste to avoid overflow.


Waste/Chemical Management


·  To avoid improper handling, storage and dispose of oil drums or chemical containers on site; and

·  To store chemical waste/waste oil properly in the designated place before disposal.


Landscape & Visual Impact


·  To clear the construction materials/wastes properly within the tree protection zone.

·  Retained trees should be carefully protected.

·  Dull green fencing should be secured with no gaps or no holes.


Landfill Gas Hazard


·  No Smoking and No Naked Flame notices in Chinese and English should be posted prominently around the construction site.


Land Contamination


·  Stockpiling site(s) should be lined with impermeable sheeting and bunded. Stockpiles should be properly covered by impermeable sheeting to reduce dust emission during dry season or contaminated run-off during rainy season. Watering should be avoided on stockpiles of soil to minimize runoff;