Table 2.3     Summary Table for Major Site Activities in the Reporting Month

Contract No.

Site Activities (September 2020)



(a)          Site Clearance in Portion 1f

(b)          Site clearance, Ground Investigation, Tree felling in Portion 2

(c)          Sampling and testing for site trial for In-situ cement mixing (ICM) for soil treatment works, construct open channel and sand trap, site trial of sheetpiling in Portion 4

(d)         Site Clearance, temporary slope cutting temporary soil nailing in Portion 5

(e)          Site Clearance, temporary slope cutting temporary soil nailing, sheetpiling and excavation in Portion 6a

(f)           Set up Soil Treatment Facility, Site trial for ex-situ cement mixing (ECM) for soil treatment works in Portion 6b

(g)          Site Clearance, Construction of temporary road for alternative Po Lau Road, Land contamination assessment in Area T1, T2 & T3 in Portion 7

(h)          Site Clearance, Construction of Retaining Wall , cut slope and soil nailing works in Portion 8a

(i)           Stockpile of soil in Portion 9c

(j)           Site Clearance, Tree felling, sheetpiling and excavation works in Portion 10a

(k)          Site Clearance in Portion 10b

(l)           Gate installation, construct temporary access in Portion 11a


(a)           Road and Drainage work, Soil Replacing in Portion 1;

(b)           Initial Restoration Work at Long Valley, Construction works of storage shed and Type 2 Storage House, construction of metal wire railing and site clearance in Portion 2 to 20;

(c)           Pre-relocation survey in Portion 23 and 24


(a)            Site Clearance

(d)           Establishment of Temporary Site

(e)            Tree Felling

(f)             Trial Pits

(g)            Installation of site hoarding, fencing and temp. facilities

(h)            Construction of PMs Site Accommodation

(i)             Ground Investigation/Pre-drilling



(a)          Construction of Management Office Building

(b)          Breaking up the concrete surface and disposal of C&D material off site at Portion 3 is in progress

(c)          Construction of footings of steel canopy of final stage market is in progress

(d)          Road rectification works at On Kui Street near the run-in/out of interim stage market.

(e)           Tree felling at Portion 6 near the existing public toilet is in progress.

(f)            Fabrication of Container type toilets for relocation of public toilet.

(g)           Fabrication and welding test of columns and steel truss of steel canopy in China.